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Builders Challenge 2014 - Plumbing

Builders ChallengeThe Builders Challenge event was once again hosted by TV and Radio personality and all 'round handyman Jon Eakes.

The challenge consisted of 4 demonstrations and competitions where Jon Eakes demonstrated proper building techniques and then delegates showed off what they had learnt.

Documents from this year's challenge included:
«S» Trap Debate
Builders Challenge Description and Diagrams

#1 - Installing Stack Vent & Horizontal Building Drain

In this challenge you will start to build the plumbing drain, waste & vent (DWV) system starting with the horizontal building drain and working your way up from the crawlspace and up through the roof making sure the stack is ready to receive each of the various drains & fittings to be installed ensuring that proper fittings and layouts are used throughout.

#2 - Installing Branch Drains & Vents

In this challenge you will install the various plumbing fixtures and connect their drains and vents back to the main plumbing vent stack again ensuring that proper fittings and layouts are used.

#3 - Installing Supply Piping

In this challenge you will learn how to properly use and install PEX style supply piping and its various fittings, valves, etc… starting from shut off valves and finishing at the various plumbing fixtures being installed.

#4 - Plumbing Penetrations Through Air & Vapour Barriers

No one likes to do it, but sometimes you must run services in an insulated assembly; in this challenge you will learn how to properly seal the poly at these penetrations to ensure the continuity of the air & vapour barriers. Also you will learn best practices for sealing penetrations from the building into the attic for continuous air & vapour barriers.

2014 Highlights

Watch the full Builders Challenge Video here!




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