first nations northern housing conference
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Workshop Topics

A listing of topics covered on the First Nations Northern Housing Conference 2014 agenda, including a brief synopsis of the workshop and downloadable presenation, when available.

Woodstoves: Fire Safety & Prevention

Larry Laviolette, Windigo First Nations Council
This session will cover basic points that will assist First Nation housing personnel better understand key areas of concern related to fire safety & wood heating that still require addressing. First Nation Housing has made great strides in fire safety the implementation of Positive Smoke alarm programs, the installation of better quality wood stoves and the use of construction materials with improved fire resistances but there is still room for improvement.
Download the Presentation (PDF)

Section 95 On-Reserve Housing Program

Rysleah Price & Brad Anderson, CMHC
This session will provide an overview of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s On-Reserve Non Profit Housing and Renovation Programs. With a focus on the On-Reserve Non Profit Housing Program (Section 95) attendees will learn key program requirements as well as the administrative processes needed for a successful housing program, including: new project applications; project construction; Project Operating Agreements; and program management.
Program descriptions and eligibility requirements for CMHC’s Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP), HASI and SEP programs will also be provided.
Download the Presentation (PDF)

Is Your Housing an Asset or a Liability?

Chris Maracle
This workshop will explore the benefits of a good housing program. Why Some Housing Programs are liabilities and others are seen as a community's greatest asset. Learn how your housing program can be an asset. Two key words every First Nations Leader needs to remember for success and six works to remember if we want sustainable housing programs.
Download the Presentation (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness

Lisa Hood, Hydro One Networks & Kevin Mann, Hydro One Remotes
This workshop will be discuss the emergency response capability and protocols from a Hydro perspective. General points include:
   • Hydro’s emergency team set up, crew responses and prioritization of calls
   • Tips for staying safe around hydro facilities
   • Public inquiry information and support teams
Download the Presentation (PDF)

Residential Indoor Air Quality

Amy Montgomery & Mark Johnston, Health Canada
The goal of the Environmental Public Health (EPH) Program is to contribute to improved health status of First Nation individuals, families and communities through the delivery of programming. The Environmental Public Health Program works with First Nations communities and other agencies to prevent or mitigate environmental public health risks that may arise from the conditions in the built environment. Housing conditions such as poor indoor air quality, and safety hazards pose immediate risks to occupants’ health and impede the general pursuit of good health and well-being.
Download the Presentation (PDF)

Basic Home Maintenance

Keith Maracle
Download the Presentation (PDF)

Tips, Tricks and New Tools for Plumbing

Jon Eakes
Soldering with lead free solder does not have to leak. Cold Coat - the best way to avoid setting the house on fire. Changing single handle faucet cartridges does not have to be complicated. Replace a broken pipe. Repair a broken pipe. Plumbing power tools you didn't know existed. This is not a course in plumbing, but an exhibition of problem solving techniques and tools.
Tool Talk by Jon Eakes - Home Builder Magazine, September 2012

New Tenant Orientation Process

Lisa McCormick, Batchewana First Nation of Ojibways
This presentation will touch on everything from policies and procedures, our housing programs, different areas of our community, and finish with a detailed description of our home maitanence workshops and the selection process for housing.
Download the Presentation (PDF)

The Evolution of Tools

Jon Eakes
High Tech is improving most of our common tools, usually but not always for the better. Have you ever tried to drive a screw with a dead battery? What are all those different batteries all about? And some smart phone apps are just too much trouble – while others can change your way of working – like a distance measuring tool that sends the dimensions to a photo in your smart phone via Blue Tooth which you send to the shop before leaving the site. Levels in dots, lines and three dimensions – almost compete with the African Triangle no-tech tool.
Tool Talk by Jon Eakes - Home Builder Magazine, September 2012

OFNTSC Technical Youth Outreach Program

Evan Sault, OFNTSC
This presentation will:
   • Empower First nation youth to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Mining and Trades
   • Encourage career choices that help create future capacity in areas vital to FN operations
   • Showcase careers that offer benefits to First Nations and to the people who provide them
Download the Presentation (PDF)


Norma Petahtegoose, Atikameksheng Anishnawbek
Earl Commanda, FNMHF

Earl Commanda will provide an overview of the First Nations Market Housing Fund and how the Fund is serving more than 120 First Nations across the country. He will then turn the stage over to Norma Petahtegoose of Atikmeksheng Anishnawbek to present the process they undertook to achieve the better managed housing program they now have in Atikameksheng.
Download Earl Commanda's Presentation (PDF)
Download Norma Petahtegoose's Presentation (PDF)

Third Party Contractors – Are You Liable?

Valerie Whalley, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
This workshop will explore the risks and liabilities when hiring third party contractors. Focussing on traditional contractors hired for property management, we will discuss the risks these contractors are regularly exposed to, what your liabilities are and some strategies for reducing the risk. The changes to the WSIB coverage for contractors will be discussed.
Download the Presentation (PDF)

Housing Policy: Protecting People and Property!

Roxanne Harper, Turtle Island Associates
During this session, the facilitator will share tips and techniques to assist in implementing and enforcing a community housing policy and present options for improving communications about the policy for leadership, members and occupants.
Download the Presentation (PDF)




Bimose Tribal Council, Independant First Nations Alliance, Keewaytinook Okimakanak, Mamamweswan - The North Shore Tribal Council, Matawa First Nations Management Inc., Mushkegowuk Council, Nokiiwin Tribal Council, Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation, Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services, Shibogama First Nations Council, Windigo First Nations Council