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Builders Challenge 2015 - Stairs

Watch the full 2015 Builders Challenge Video here!

Builders ChallengeThe Builders Challenge event was once again hosted by TV and Radio personality and all 'round handyman Jon Eakes.

The challenge consisted of 4 demonstrations and competitions where Jon Eakes demonstrated proper building techniques and then delegates showed off what they had learnt.

Tools for Builders Challenge 2015 supplied by:

Stanley Hand Tools   DeWalt Power Tools

This year's challenge included Stair and Deck Drawings.

2015 Highlights

#1 - Layout and Installing the Stringer

Stairs have specific requirements for minimum run and maximum rise. Learn how to properly layout the rise and run of a stringer using a framing square, how to cut it and methods of attaching it to an entrance deck.

#2 - Installing Stringer, Treads and Riser

Learn the maximum distance between stringers and how to properly install a riser and treads on a run of stairs.

#3 - Installing the Guard Posts

Learn the minimum height of a guard for residential construction and a method of how to install them for a run of stairs.

#4 - Installing the Top Rail and Pickets

Guards require construction techniques in order to prevent the passage of children and a fall from height. Learn how to tie all the posts together and the proper spacing of pickets in order to ensure enough strength and safety in the system.



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