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Builders Challenge 2016 - Advanced Framing & Siding

Watch the full 2016 Builders Challenge Video here!

Builders ChallengeThe Builders Challenge event was once again be hosted by TV and Radio personality and all 'round handyman Jon Eakes.

The challenge consisted of 4 demonstrations and competitions where Jon Eakes demonstrated proper building techniques and then delegates show off what they have learnt.

Tools for Builders Challenge 2016 supplied by:

Stanley Hand Tools   DeWalt Power Tools

This year's challenge included Advanced Framing Drawings.

2016 Highlights

#1 - Framing

Participants will frame and square up an eight foot long exterior wall on the floor with a let-in cross brace for needed strength and needed blocking.

#2 - More Framing

Participants will then raise the wall and install two foot long outside and inside corners as well as an interior partition with a vapour barrier.

#3 - Extruded Insulation and Sealing

Participants will learn how to install exterior rigid insulation along the entire exterior face of the wall.

#4 - Strapping and Bug Screen

For the final challenge the participants will install vertical strapping and needed bug screening.



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