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Builders Challenge 2017 - Tub/Shower Framing

Builders ChallengeThe Builders Challenge event was once again hosted by TV and Radio personality and all 'round handyman Jon Eakes.

The challenge consists of 4 demonstrations and competitions where Jon Eakes demonstrates proper building techniques and then delegates show off what they have learnt.

Tools for Builders Challenge 2017 supplied by:

Stanley Hand Tools   DeWalt Power Tools

This year's challenge included Tub/Shower Framing (see Drawings).

In addition, Jon Eakes has a number of Videos of Techniques for Installing Drywall - Scroll down to the topics list on the left to find almost 2 hours of small videos on every aspect of drywalling.

#1 - Hang Drywall

Learn where and when to use what types of drywall as well properly layout, installation and fastening:

  • Contestants layout, cut and install drywall (water resistant and regular as required)
  • Install drywall on the ends of the two section of walls to make outside corners to finish later
  • Install some drywall with screws only, some with adhesive as directed

#2 - Mud Drywall

Learn how to properly mud, tape, sand and finish drywall joints, inside and outside corners and fastener penetrations:

  • Contestants prep for drywall butt joints between two types of drywall
  • Mud and tape joints in drywall
  • Mud screw heads
  • Mud inside corners of wall/wall and of walls/mock ceiling
  • Install outside corner beads

#3 - Install Tub Surround

Learn the proper techniques to fit and install a tub surround:

  • Contestants make a template out of cardboard to locate holes for tub/shower rough in plumbing and transfer to surround (surround ‘back’ wall pieces already cut in half)
  • Dry fit surround on wall
  • Apply adhesive and permanently hang surround

#4 - Trim, Caulk and Finishing

Learn the proper techniques and tricks of the trade to properly install baseboard and window trim and bathtub caulking :

  • Contestants install baseboard as required, including around the ‘outside’ corners created by the ends of the two section of wall
  • Install trim around the opening in the wall
  • Install escutcheons on the tub/shower plumbing rough in pipes
  • Caulk tub tub surround and escutcheons

2017 Highlights



Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council Inc., Independant First Nations Alliance, Keewaytinook Okimakanak, Mamamweswan - The North Shore Tribal Council, Matawa First Nations Management Inc., Mushkegowuk Council, Nokiiwin Tribal Council, Ogemawahj Tribal Council, Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation, Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services, Shibogama First Nations Council, Windigo First Nations Council


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